Tummy tuck

Medically known as “abdominoplasty “, Tummy Tuck is the procedure that aims to remove the contour of the body by removal of excess skin and tightening of the abdominal muscles. For those worried about “muffin top” or bulge in the belly find tummy tuck an excellent way to resculpt the abdomen.the procedure in northern India and world over is almost accompanied with liposuction.

Who are good candidates for Tummy tuck ?

  • Be in good general health
  • Have droopy or excess abdominal skin
  • Have excess weight in midsection / lower section
  • Have the ability to commit to maintaining stable weight with proper diet and exercising.
  • Have realistic expectation from the surgery.

Are there different types of Tummy Yuck procedure or abdominoplasty?

Yes, Tummy –Tuck can be customized based on the needs of the patient. Some of the common types of Tummy Tuck include:

Ø  Traditional or full Tummy Tuck

Ø  Partial or Mini Tummy Tuck

Ø  Lateral tension

Ø  Reverse Tummy Tuck

Ø  Modified Tummy Tuck


Ø  Circumferential lipo-abdominoplasty

How long does it takes to recover from Tummy Tuck ?

Like all other surgical procedure, in order to enjoy new and improved body contours after Tummy Tuck , time is needed to ensure proper healing. Patient can return to light activity about 1 week after the procedure. They need to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities, which will help with resolution of swelling and bruising. By 4-6 months, all residual swelling due to procedure disappears and result will be apparent.

What happens immediately after the procedure?

Immediately after Tummy Tuck , the treated area will be wrapped in a compression garment. Muscleralaxants and pain medications are administered to ease off swelling and discomfort. The patient come out of bed and walk by same.


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