Breast Reduction

Large breasts can feel like liability certain times. Whether it is due to size and discrepancy between breasts, shoulder  and back pain, difficulty in wearing your favorite clothing or sexual  embarrassment, large breasts can sometimes be taxing. With breast reduction in Chandigarh one can feel more comfortable and shapely with her body.

What does the procedure involves?

Breast reduction procedure is performed under general anesthetic and should take between 2-3 hours. A night stay in the hospital is required. Depending upon the size of the breast and surgeon’s assessment, an incision is performed either around the areola or down the breast fold. Excess skin, glandular tissue and fat is removed after which the areola and nipple relocated. A small drain is placed in each breast for drainage of excess fluid from the breast. After the procedure is complete ,it is stitched and dressings are applied .

Does the procedure leave any scar?

The most common procedure leave a scar around the areola and low vertical scar around the breast crease. Depending upon your anatomy, your cosmetic surgeon might be able to device the placement of incision to minimize the placement and visibility of scar. It might take your scars to involve a minimum  of 6-8 months to pass through the normal process of becoming red and thickened before they mature into pale, flate and soft scars and eventually fade away.

What does happen after the procedure?

The drains and dressing are removed the following morning by the nursing staff and compression garments is provided to be worn with instruction. A full set of postoperative instructions are provided to the patient and adherence to same is emphasized. The swelling and bruising are common and should go away within a week to ten days after the procedure. The patient will need to be refraining from the heavy lifting or strenuous work for at least 2 weeks.


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